“Hidden hunger” is a form of undernutrition affecting millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa. Caused by micronutrient deficiencies, it has been linked to numerous health and development issues. Food fortification is a cost- effective strategy for addressing hidden hunger, helping people to access the nutrition they need.

The Technical Assistance Accelerator Program (TAAP) supports food companies across 8 countries  to improve their capacity to produce and sell fortified foods for local markets, working to ensure that people receive the nutrients they need to lead happy and productive lives.

  • The TAAP will develop the critical matchmaking mechanism that will enable the program to effectively and efficiently ensure the flow of Technical Assistance (TA) from Strategic Fortification Partners (SFPs)  to target food processors.

  • Through regular meetings and established communication channels, we will then operationalize the PPP structure, working with SFPs to develop TA platforms and services, implement sector-wide trainings (SWTs) and other initiatives to build processor motivation and technical capacity

  • In alignment with the above elements, the TAAP Resource Kit  will provide materials to support implementation across program geographies and staple food processing sectors, including workshop agendas, slide decks, sample business case templates, and audit templates